Bah humbug to all the critics of the new year resolution

Happy New Year!

I saw a great post today – a young girl has gone viral with all her valid reasons on why not to make a new year resolution. Yes we can make changes all year – and we should. But whilst we have 365 days to turn a new leaf I am surprised yearly at how often I hear people

” I don’t make them – they don’t work”  / “I’ve given up making them after failing every year”

Or worst – “you won’t achieve em so why set them?”

But for me – the new start to the year is just the perfect time to set your goals. Sure if you’re overweight and in truth have no intention of changing your habits or putting on those dusty trainers – don’t set the resolution.

As someone plagued by FOMO I know that January is the best month for me to detox and start an intense health kick. Ok from February onward the wine starts to flow again but many of the good habits remain.

I have at least another 6kg to lose and I am determined. January gives me a focus and means my love with the gym (genuinely do love the exercise part – no partying is the hardest part of a diet!) can be celebrated without declining invites OR having a hangover ruining my workout.

So, if like me you’re wanting to lose weight – do it – set the resolution. Sure you’ll have a day, a week, a holiday from your healthy habits but that doesn’t mean you have failed.  You can re-start it any time. It’s not the new year resolution that failed – maybe you did, or maybe you made progress and fell off the wagon.

Even with no boring give up resolutions (I mean weight loss, ciggies etc) there has to be something you want to achieve?!

A few years ago, I set myself the goal – at least one new city break per year. I mean, we have Europe on our doorstep and yet I was always hearing myself list where I wanted to go in a non committal way – “I will go” . This simple and achievable goal has meant that some years I go on more than one. So the list gets ticked off and I stop boring myself with “no, haven’t been, I’d like to, I will…..”

This year on top of getting myself the body that I am proud of I am going to get my bathroom done. I can’t fail at that! Maybe it isn’t a new year resolution but actually it’s a goal. I have never liked it but it was last on the list when I bought the flat and as it was new I could live with a room just not to my taste. 5 years on, it’s still not been touched. ENOUGH!

Maybe that’s the problem, we set these resolutions that are vague or hard or leave us vulnerable to seeing a blip as failure. The answer needs to be to set yourself achieveable goals.

So set a specific goal like

  • a country you want to visit
  • to get back in touch with a friend you haven’t spoken to you in years
  • read (XX) on your bookshelf – you’ve been meaning to for years
  • going to a yoga / spin etc class once a week
  • go to the theatre at least twice in the year
  •  get a new job

All are achieveable and give you the sense of achievement to do more. You’ll find like me that you have visited more places. Getting back in touch with an old friend will lead to meeting up for a fabulous night / weekend and then you’ll secure another date. Or you’ll get in touch with another.

You’ll love or hate the book but you’ll remember your love of reading and make time for it. You’ll feel fitter and want to go more often. you’ll see plays you love or hate but it gives you a dinner party topic.

And even if that doesn’t convince you – that’s fine but

  1. don’t complain that you still haven’t visisted X  / not heard from Y or never get to the theatre and you don’t know why

and biggest of all

2. don’t pour cold water on someone who is working towards their goals.

back to the juicer!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2017



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