Things I wish personal trainers didn’t do

I often debate with myself about getting a trainer – without a doubt they’re a great investment. For some, their existence gets them to the gym, they’ll push you harder and for me the main reason is that they correct your technique – you don’s realise the posture cheats you can add into your workout to make it that bit easier.

Well it’s a luxury I can’t afford. But between the trainers on social media (like Joe Wicks, LNDM Muscle) I get a lot of ideas for my HIIT session, or watch trainers and their clients for ideas.

But watching for ideas have caused me to realise some issues and kind requests to PTs everywhere.

  1. Please stop texting whilst your client is busy with their burpees or punishing their abs.

As I say, the PT corrects your position and yet when their eyes and glued to the screen how can they tell that you’re cheating?

2. Please stop trying to sell your services to the newbies to the gym.

You’re self employed – I get it – you have to market yourself. But as a new(ish) member to my gym I have been approached by I think all the trainers – MID session with their client. Personal training should be that – personal. Not half of you whilst half is asking me or the  next newbie what my goals are and offering a session.

3. Wait till I know you to talk AT me about yourself.

believe me, mid squat jumps I don’t care how your date went, how you’re working out.. this is my time.

maybe as the “relationship” evolves the client will take an interest. but in my session recently, I was told what he had eaten, what workout he had done that morning and what he would do later.

had I have asked how he reached and maintained his fitness – but this was unprompted and I hadn’t even started the circuit. by the time the 3rd round had hit I knew more about him than the guy I had been on 2 dates with.

Hopefully all achievable –

sorry to the clients – you’ll have to go back to correct technique and being pushed to complete the circuit that bit faster






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