What’s worse .. Trump’s sexist talk or the reaction to it?

Over the past few months I have been preparing myself for a scary reality … Trump may get to be the president of the United States of America.

This is a guy I don’t like particularly. I didn’t take his running seriously and I believed he would drop out and not allow his ego to get to the point where he’d fail. I called that wrong!

I don’t like him for for some petty reasons (that sniff – seriously Trump) but mainly for his chat about women and people in general. I don’t see him as the pure racist misogynist as he is always portrayed.. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt – maybe he is anti terrorist and not anti Islam BUT the way he articulates that is not only clumsy and therefore not a quality the people of America surely need from their leader but it also gives permission to the racists to speak out openly undoing the years educating them that those views are not acceptable or even founded.

In the early days of his campaign, I reflected on why he was gaining popularity and now the words I used are spoken daily in the media debates. People are sick of political correctness and it was a little bit refreshing.

Now lets fast forward – or look back ten years depending on how we see it. We have a man running for all this power and the leaked footage exposes some pretty gross talk – well bragging  of his groping women.

Now, i am not naive about men. I grew up with older brothers and many male friends. I know they brag and it’s often BS. Being treated as one of the boys I heard the “locker room chat”  which was “laddy” and yes it was sexual about women but I can’t think of anytime the sex chat had an air of it being “just taken” – there wasn’t a sniff that the sex wasn’t consensual. Ever.

Trump has apologised. Not the best apology I have heard and took far too much prompting to say no he had not actually acted in this way. But he has at least owned it in part and he can’t turn the clock back. So why I am so angry?

What’s worse in this situation, that he said it? or those who have defended it? I think maybe it’s the latter.

“he’s not running to be the Pope” – now that is golden! Sorry people (and Farage I count you here) but the President of the United States is a job with a HUGE AMOUNT OF POWER AND INFLUENCE. It will involve legislation that reduces inequality and harassment to women – but seemingly in the locker room chat about assault is okay – we can relax and women can revert to being a walking pussy to grope

Yes I said “Pussy” – the very people defending him can’t repeat the word and have even said to others in the debate “please stop saying that word I have daughters listening”

The word that causes upset but not when it’s leaked from the locker room from a man who wants to be your President??

Women really can be the enemy of other women.

A husband is unfaithful and we blame the wife. Or the wife blames the other women because what? Are we still accepting that men are predatory? Why are we still accepting?

Of course, Trump supporters are jumping on the infidelities of Bill Clinton (well they’re saying abuse but I am only aware of the consentual  affair  and gross lies after but maybe I am not just no so well informed) so now we hold Hillary responsible for her husband’s wandering hands????? he isn’t running for President but they’re seen as one. I don’t think this happens with a male candidate. His wife’s actions don’t count against him.

Women, please stop accepting.

Men, reflect on why it is that you need an outlet like the locker room to go back in time to have this chat.

Defenders, just accept he shouldn’t say it. Don’t defend it. Don’t say it doesn’t matter. It really does. I am  not saying vote for Hillary. But, please, don’t exuse this. Let him own it.


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